A Townsville Fairytale

Chapter 6, part 10

Back in the Mall.

Whoop de freaking do.So the Townsville Mall, we visited it a while ago now, just before it got started on the big revamp. And now… well… they’re getting pretty far along on it being finished, and one end of the mall is now open again.


God it’s dumb.

The Mall was a really unique space in Townsville. There was no other place in the entire city like it. This… was not in its favour. It was an open, outdoors shopping space in a city that is burning hot most of the year. No one liked walking the mall.

It was also in a place with almost no parking. You have to understand that this is a deal breaker in Townsville. Townsvillagers don’t like public transport (ours isn’t the greatest) and generally won’t go anywhere if they can’t park their car. People in Townsville always drive. You’re never, ever going to get a retail centre to work in the city unless you build an enormous *free* car park. I emphasise the free part because people in Townsville absolutely goddamn hate to pay for parking.I almost can't believe how freaking underwhelming the 'new' mall is.

The Mall had other problems — it wasn’t immediately accessible to tourists, there was no really big drawcard retailer like Big W or Target. Plus it was damned ugly. We had a damned ugly mall.

The referbishment, as far as I can tell, doesn’t fix *any* of those problems. It just puts a road through them.

Well done, Townsville city council. You’ve taken one of the most unique and most broken spaces in Townsville and made it… no longer unique.

Huzzah. Give me a sparkler so I can fucking celebrate.

–Andrew S.

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